Emilie Riis

Emilie has spent her career growing brands and businesses through the strategic application of consumer insights, trends and future forecasting.

Cultural brand alignment has been a thread through her work, whether focusing on innovative marketing and communications strategies in the advertising industry, or preparing brands and businesses for the future within business consulting.

Prior to Duology, Emilie was Strategy Director at The Future Laboratory where her commercial understanding and creative problem solving provided business leaders with a more tangible understanding of the steps needed to prepare for a changing landscape.

Karli-Jade Fontiverio Hylton

Karli-Jade is a creative ethnographer who captures consumer intelligence and trends forecasting to join the dots between people, brands and culture.

Having previously led qualitative research studies at The Future Laboratory, KJ has worked with a suite of global brands and creative agencies where she has travelled the world over all in the name of cultural insight.

Inspired by people, sub culture and narratives she explores the nuances of shifting behaviours and how they impact the future of the cultural landscape.

Her mantra; Watch. Listen. Speak. Learn. Build.